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A versatile and comprehensive surface linear range perfect for any environment and setting

Academy is an all-encompassing surface linear range available in different lengths with a choice of high or low outputs. The Luceco Academy offers robustness and great aesthetics, with polycarbonate secured endcaps to ensure a quality solution, enhanced by the uniform light distribution. Academy can be surface or suspension mounted with a BESA fixing and central cable entry.

White painted steel body finished in RAL9016 with microprism polycarbonate opal diffusers. Polycarbonate secured endcaps

Available in 1200, 1500mm and 1800mm product lengths

High and low output available with efficacy up to 129 Llm/cW

Surface or suspension mounted with Besa fixing and central cable entry

LED Drivers Specification
1500mm 1800mm
CodeBase ColourUnpacked Depth (mm)Driver TypeLumen Output (lm)Max Wattage (W)Efficacy (Lm/W)Add to Spec
LAC12P22S40White - RAL 9016 (Traffic White)602Fixed Output220014157+
LAC12P22E40Fixed Output + Emergency602Fixed Output + Emergency220014157+
LAC12P22D40Digital Dimmable602Digital Dimmable220014157+
LAC12P22ED40Digital Dimmable + Emergency602Digital Dimmable + Emergency220014157+
LAC12P22S40MWFixed Output + Sensor602Fixed Output + Sensor220014157+
LAC12P22E40MWIntegral Microwave Sensor + Em602Integral Microwave Sensor + Em220014157+
LAC12P40S40Fixed Output602Fixed Output400025160+
LAC12P40E40Fixed Output + Emergency602Fixed Output + Emergency400025160+
LAC12P40D40Digital Dimmable602Digital Dimmable400025160+
LAC12P40ED40Digital Dimmable + Emergency602Digital Dimmable + Emergency400025160+
LAC12P40S40MWFixed Output + Sensor602Fixed Output + Sensor400025160+
LAC12P40E40MWIntegral Microwave Sensor + Em602Integral Microwave Sensor + Em400025160+
CodeBase ColourUnpacked Depth (mm)Driver TypeLumen Output (lm)Max Wattage (W)Efficacy (Lm/W)Add to Spec
LAC15P32S40Fixed Output602Fixed Output320020160+
LAC15P32E40Fixed Output + Emergency602Fixed Output + Emergency320020160+
LAC15P32D40Digital Dimmable602Digital Dimmable320020160+
LAC15P32ED40Digital Dimmable + Emergency602Digital Dimmable + Emergency320020160+
LAC15P32S40MWFixed Output + Sensor602Fixed Output + Sensor320020160+
LAC15P32E40MWIntegral Microwave Sensor + Em602Integral Microwave Sensor + Em320020160+
LAC15P60S40Fixed Output602Fixed Output600038158+
LAC15P60E40Fixed Output + Emergency602Fixed Output + Emergency600038158+
LAC15P60D40Digital Dimmable602Digital Dimmable600038158+
LAC15P60ED40Digital Dimmable + Emergency602Digital Dimmable + Emergency600038158+
LAC15P60S40MWFixed Output + Sensor602Fixed Output + Sensor600038158+
LAC15P60E40MWIntegral Microwave Sensor + Em602Integral Microwave Sensor + Em600038158+
CodeBase ColourUnpacked Depth (mm)Driver TypeLumen Output (lm)Max Wattage (W)Efficacy (Lm/W)Add to Spec
LAC18P45S40Fixed Output602Fixed Output450028161+
LAC18P45E40Fixed Output + Emergency602Fixed Output + Emergency450028161+
LAC18P45D40Digital Dimmable602Digital Dimmable450028161+
LAC18P45ED40Digital Dimmable + Emergency602Digital Dimmable + Emergency450028161+
LAC18P45S40MWFixed Output + Sensor602Fixed Output + Sensor450028161+
LAC18P45E40MWIntegral Microwave Sensor + Em602Integral Microwave Sensor + Em450028161+
LAC18P80S40Fixed Output602Fixed Output800050160+
LAC18P80E40Fixed Output + Emergency602Fixed Output + Emergency800050160+
LAC18P80D40Digital Dimmable602Digital Dimmable800050160+
LAC18P80ED40Digital Dimmable + Emergency602Digital Dimmable + Emergency800050160+
LAC18P80S40MWFixed Output + Sensor602Fixed Output + Sensor800050160+
LAC18P80E40MWIntegral Microwave Sensor + Em602Integral Microwave Sensor + Em800050160+
Additional Product Options
We offer additional product options to give ultimate control and flexibility to match any application

Corridor function is a luminaire setting that when 100% output is not required shall switch to emit only 10%, allowing a ‘stand by’ mode apperance whilst saving on unwanted energy usage. Many public applications use this setting to ensure light is always provided in some capacity. Emergency lighting is required to allow safe evacuation of an area in the event of mains failure. Insert ED & MW, eg. LAC12P22ED40MW

Emergency lighting is required to allow safe evacuation of an area in the event of mains failure. Our self-test emergency pack provides 3 hours worth of back-up power whilst the pack checks itself automatically to ensure that the battery and lamp in each emergency light are fully operational to meet all standards and regulations. Insert EST, eg. LAC12P22EST40

Emergency lighting is required to allow safe evacuation of an area in the event of mains failure. Our DALI addressable emergency pack provides 3 hours worth of back-up power, the pack automatically monitors itself to ensure that the battery and lamp in each emergency light are fully operational along with recording valuable data to meet all standards and regulations. Insert EST, eg. LAC12P22EDED40

Specification Sheet


pdf 682KB


Instruction Manual


pdf 3.5MB


Bim Data


zip 463KB


Photometric Data


zip 170KB


Our Brands

Icons in One Line
Icons in One Line
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Eurofit Multi Activities Trading - Expert Electrical Contracting Services

Intelligent Building Solutions: Design and Installation of Low Current Systems

At Eurofit Multi Activities Trading, we offer comprehensive design and installation services for a wide range of low current systems. These intelligent systems operate on safe, low voltage and play a crucial role in enhancing security, communication, convenience, and efficiency within your building.

Electrical System Planning
System Verification

Our Low Current System Expertise Encompasses:

Security and Access Control:

We design and install CCTV systems, intrusion detection systems, and access control systems using key cards, fobs, or biometrics, creating a secure environment for your property.

Communication Systems:

Our team can design and install data networks (LAN & WAN) to facilitate seamless communication and data sharing throughout your building or across locations. We can also handle modern phone systems and public address systems for clear communication within your space.

Building Automation:

Leveraging low current technology, we can design and install fire alarm systems for occupant safety, building management systems (BMS) for optimized energy usage and comfort control, and nurse call systems in healthcare facilities, ensuring well-being and efficient operation.

Other Low Current Systems:

We have the expertise to design and install various additional systems such as satellite TV systems for entertainment distribution, audiovisual systems for presentations and conferences, and master clock systems for synchronized timekeeping throughout your building.

Benefits of Using Our Low Current System Services:

  • Enhanced Security: Our systems deter unauthorized access and provide real-time monitoring for improved security.
  • Improved Communication: We ensure seamless data sharing, efficient phone systems, and clear announcements for better communication within your space.
  • Increased Operational Efficiency: Low current systems like BMS can optimize energy usage and create a more comfortable environment, leading to cost savings and improved operational efficiency.
  • Convenience and Comfort: Our systems, such as nurse call and master clock systems, enhance convenience and well-being within your building.

We take pride in providing customized low current system solutions that seamlessly integrate with your existing infrastructure and meet your specific needs.

Contact us today to discuss your low current system requirements and experience the benefits of a smarter and more secure building!

Eurofit Multi Activities Trading - Expert Electrical Contracting Services

Expert Electrical Contracting Services

At Eurofit Multi Activities Trading, we are your trusted partner for all your electrical contracting needs in Qatar. Our team of highly skilled and licensed electricians is committed to providing safe, reliable, and efficient electrical solutions for residential, commercial, and industrial projects.

Here are some of the services we offer:

New Electrical Installations:

Our licensed electricians can handle the entire process of installing a new electrical system in your residential, commercial, or industrial property.

  • Planning and design of the electrical system layout to meet your specific needs and local regulations.
  • Safe and professional installation of electrical panels, wiring, outlets, switches, and lighting fixtures.
  • Verification and testing of the entire electrical system to ensure it functions safely and efficiently.
Electrical System Planning
Professional Installation
System Verification

Electrical Repairs and Maintenance:

Our electricians are equipped to diagnose and repair any electrical problems you might encounter in your existing system.

  • Troubleshooting electrical faults, such as flickering lights, tripping breakers, or power outages.
  • Repairing faulty electrical components, including wiring, outlets, switches, and fixtures.
  • Performing preventative maintenance checks to identify potential issues and ensure the longevity of your electrical system.
Repairing Electrical Components
Preventative Maintenance

Panel Upgrades and Rewiring:

In cases where your existing electrical panel is outdated or overloaded, we can provide expert panel upgrades to meet your current and future electrical demands.

Additionally, if your building's electrical wiring needs to be replaced due to age or safety concerns, our electricians can handle the rewiring process efficiently and safely.

Panel Upgrade
Efficient Rewiring
Safety Compliance

We understand the importance of quality workmanship and customer satisfaction. That's why we use only the latest materials and technologies and adhere to the strictest safety standards. We also work closely with our clients to understand their specific needs and provide them with customized solutions that meet their budget and timeline.

Contact us today for a free consultation!

Eurofit Multi Activities Trading - Lighting Services

Lighting Services

At Eurofit Multi Activities Trading, we are your one-stop shop for all your lighting needs in Qatar. We are proud to be official dealers for a wide range of multi-international lighting brands, offering a comprehensive selection of high-quality fixtures and solutions.

Interior Lighting Example
Commercial Lighting Example

Our team of lighting experts is here to assist you with every step of the process, from initial design and consultation to installation and ongoing maintenance. We cater to a diverse clientele, providing lighting solutions for various sectors:

  • Residential Lighting: We create beautiful and functional lighting designs for your home, enhancing the ambiance and comfort of every space.
  • Commercial Lighting: From retail stores and offices to restaurants and hospitality facilities, we design lighting that optimizes energy efficiency, creates a welcoming atmosphere, and showcases your brand identity.
  • Industrial Lighting: Our team has the expertise to design and install lighting systems for warehouses, factories, and other industrial environments, ensuring safety, productivity, and compliance with regulations.
  • Special Needs Lighting: We offer specialized lighting solutions for hazardous locations, including explosion-proof fixtures and lighting designed for extreme temperatures or corrosive environments.

Our Lighting Services:

  • Lighting Design & Consultation: Our lighting designers will collaborate with you to understand your specific needs and preferences, creating a customized lighting plan that optimizes functionality and aesthetics.
  • Lighting Supply: As official dealers for top international brands, we offer a vast selection of lighting fixtures to suit your project requirements and budget.
  • Lighting Installation: Our experienced and certified technicians will ensure the safe and professional installation of your lighting system.
  • Lighting Maintenance: We offer ongoing maintenance services to keep your lighting systems functioning optimally throughout their lifespan.
Industrial Lighting Example
Special Needs Lighting Example

Benefits of Choosing Eurofit Multi Activities Trading for Your Lighting Needs:

  • Extensive Brand Portfolio: Access to a wide range of high-quality lighting products from leading international brands.
  • Expert Design Services: Our team of lighting designers will create a customized plan that meets your specific needs and budget.
  • Turnkey Solutions: We handle everything from design and supply to installation and maintenance, offering a hassle-free experience.
  • Safety & Compliance: Our team adheres to the highest safety standards and ensures your lighting systems comply with all relevant regulations.
  • High-Quality Products: We offer only the best products to ensure durability and performance.
  • Reliable Products: Our lighting solutions are known for their reliability and long-lasting performance.
  • Long-Term Warranty: We provide a minimum of 5 years warranty on all our products, ensuring peace of mind for our customers.

Ready to Illuminate Your Space?

Contact us today for a free consultation and let us help you create the perfect lighting solution for your project!

Our inside electrical construction capabilities include preconstruction, design-build and design-assist, prefabrication, low-voltage and medium-voltage work in numerous markets.


We work in numerous markets across the country.


We provide complete electrical construction solutions.


Our wide range of experience allows us to exceed our customers’ expectations.

  • Data centers
  • Commercial
  • Industrial
  • Health care
  • Hospitality and gaming
  • Education
  • Multi-family residential
  • BIM
  • Consulting
  • Design-build and design-assist
  • Cost analysis
  • Preconstruction
  • Prefabrication
  • Project management
  • Low voltage
  • Medium voltage
  • Specialty lighting
  • Security, CCTV and card access
  • Normal and emergency power distribution
  • Building automation control
  • Historical renovations